"Loved the fruit drink and lunch brought back memories of food I ate here in 1948. I appreciated all the time you took in explaining everything and was interested in what you mentioned about your family's heritage." - Joy Niswander, Lima, New York
Very meaningful & worthwhile for the kids. They learn a lot about the rice mill and what we had once on the island. Also, that taro is very big on the island and important to a lot of people & families. The school tours is a very good program for the kids." -Mrs.Galiza, chaperone for Wilcox Elementary excursion
"Great program to educate the public. Don't lose the history." -Mrs.McCarthy, chaperone for Sacred Hearts Academy
"Very informative. The highlight of the tour was picking snails!" -Michael Cobbold, England
"Perfect length of time for tour, not too long or too short. Very informative, Lyndsey took her time to answer all of the adults and children's questions. Lunch was fabulous, onolicious! The highlight of the tour was all the hands-on stuff; snail/egg eradication, poi pounding and tasting. Thank you so much for all your hard work in/out of the field. It was an awesome cultural experience for the `ohana." -Chrystal Kitayama & Trisha Spencer, Maui (Chrystal helped coordinate their family reunion as a private tour).
"The hummus was excellent! Yummy, the dessert was so ono (taro mochi cake). The highlight of the tour was the taro farm, very informative. I learned so much about kalo (taro) and I'm from here! Thank you very much for taking the time out to teach us. The plight of your family to uphold the tradition of farming is awe inspiring." -Royleen Shupe, Las Vegas
"Lunch was very good, loved the beginning with the taro smoothie. Loved being in the taro field and scooping up the snails-yucky but fun. Also, seeing the fresh cooked taro mashing up and getting to taste it with the fresh coconut. Lyndsey was a wonderful guide-so ready to answer any and all questions from the mundane to the scientific. I also loved hearing about your family history and seeing the old pictures. Thank you!" -Susan Henry, Capistrano Beach, CA
"Length of the tour was very good-relaxing pace. Enjoyed the laulau-tasty. Hightlight was picking apple snails. With all the history and educational information given it gives me a better appreciation of poi. I always wanted to go into a taro farm and it was thoroughly enjoyable. We would do it again if we ever come back." -Luena Lum, Honolulu, Hawai`i
"Highlights of the tour was visiting the taro fields, learning about the challenges you face with the apple snails, and the magnificent views! Thank you for sharing your family's history with us. This has been one of the highlights of our trip to Kaua`i. I will be telling others they should go on your tour." -Mary Woelfel, Lodi, CA
"One of the best tours in Hawaiʻi. Learn something new every time we take it."
-Anna Ashwood Collins, New York City, NY