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About Tour:  The excursion features a guided tour of taro fields (lo`i) and ditches (auwai), information about the agricultural history, endangered birds and invasive species, Hawaiian culture, and the Hanalei Valley ahupua`a. Highlights of the excursion include a guided tour of Hawai`i's only remaining rice mill, which is also considered a living history museum. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Tour Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour, although shorter and longer programs are available to meet a teacher's time schedule.

Tour Description: includes lunch, please contact us for special arrangements. 

Group Restrictions: The nonprofit Ho`opulapula Haraguchi Rice Mill excursion is suitable for children of all ages. We prefer groups of no more than 25 children, accompanied by teachers and parents. If your group is large, we will be happy to help you combine your school excursion with another excursion so the large groups can be split into a more manageable size. We do accommodate special educational groups at a discounted rate for a full guided tour.

Tour Policy: Please be prepared for rain and/or sun and two short walks over mostly level ground on grass that may be damp, wet or slightly muddy. School tours are offered by appointment only. Teachers may contact the Educational Coordinator directly to schedule a tour and for worksheet and curriculum material. Bus money is also available through the Kilauea Point Natural History Association.

If you would like to schedule a tour or desire more information, please contact the Educational Coordinator Lyndsey Haraguchi-Nakayama or 808.651.3399. Mahalo (Thank you) for your interest!

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